Developing Local Heritage in Labuhan, Bangkalan, Madura

Aktivitas terbaru Mangrove Center Tuban saat ini adalah melakukan pemberdayaan masyarakat di Desa Labuhan, Kec. Sepulu, Kab. Bangkalan. Kegiatan ini merupakan program kerjasama dengan PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore (selanjutnya disebut PHE WMO). Niat baik PHE-WMO dalam menciptakan kelompok masyarakat yang mampu berdaya dan mandiri secara ekonomi dengan memanfaatkan sumber daya lokal disambut baik oleh Ketua Yayasan Mangrove Center Tuban Bapak Ali Mansur. Sejak dimulainya kegiatan pelatihan pembibitan sekaligus studi banding di MCT, kami berkomitmen untuk bersama-sama mewujudkan visi PHE WMO mewujudkan masyarakat yang berdaya.

———————————————– news ——————————————–

It has been 1 month since the class meeting started. The training was held on december 2-4 2014 in Mangrove Center Tuban. During the training, participants experienced how to start making a nursery ground. As a fasilitator Agus Satriyono and Pak Ali Mansur helping them to understand the ecology of mangrove and other coastal plants such as coast she-oak (Casuarina equisetifolia). They also learned about the most important thing to create a strong and independent  organization. Mas Zainul gave them valuable knowledge about how to increase life possibilities on nursering coast she-oak. After 3 days here, they’ve had vision to build their home town as big as we are.

As a next stage of community empowerment, once a week Agus and Citra (MCT fasilitator) visit them in Labuhan, Bangkalan to control and guide them in the very first month. It takes 5 hours driving from Tuban to Bangkalan. Approximately 1,5 hours from Bangkalan city. It takes more time because of the bad road condition. Entering Labuhan, you’ll see a small information how to get to Pulau Ajaib. Pulau Ajaib is an icon for Labuhan. It’s a newly formed land in the sea created by stacks of dead coral for about 100 meters parallel to the coast line. Because of the existence of Pualu Ajaib, based on local’s information, their coastline become wider. From our observation, Labuhan extremely threatened by abrasion. A brakewater in west area was built and broke since the biggest wave attacked. Fortunately, the village bordered by a small group of Sonneratia alba and Rhizopora stylosa in the west and east areaAs a wind blocker, we try to plant 3.500 coast she-oak (cemara laut) along the beach from the west to the east. Now is a perfect time to do plantation because of the highest rainfall. Here in Tuban, coast she-oak has been planted along the beach and contribute to create a some potential money maker.

The plantation has been going well, now it’s time to see how the nursery work. Started on December 20th 2014, local build their own nursery ground. Until now, the’ve growth over 8.000 coast she-oak seedling (bibit cemara laut) and 600 mangroves genus Rhizophora. Two species from genus Rhizophora has been succesfully collected so far are Rhizopora stylosa and Rhizopora mucronata. During the time, they’ve also build a wooden shelter next to the mangrove track. All of the propagul collected in their area, because native mangrove can be naturally adapted.

We hope in the future, this place can be mangrove education center in Madura.

Here is the news of our social activity for community empowerment.

Stay tuned for other documentation 🙂


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